Video Tours

Sohag Developer SQL Tool Tour

Sohag Developer SQL Tool is a new feature added to Sohag Developer starting from version 3.2 to allow Sohag Developer users execute SQL statements against PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite database servers. The SQL Tool also generates SQL statements for the selected database tables or views. SQL….

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Sohag Generator Tour (Qt/C++)

Sohag generator is one of the advanced Sohag Developer generators which  is used to generate a Qt UI interface and Qt/C++ code to interact with the database reducing developers efforts in creating the ui and Qt code to mainpulate data in the database table or view. Sohag generator uses Qt/C++ low….

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PHP Generator Tour

In this video you know how to use Sohag Developer PHP generator to create a PHP BootStrap (Web) database applications. This video illusterates the steps required to use the PHP generator to generate web application to manupliate data in a database table or view (Till the time of writting this….

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