Sohag Generator Tour (Qt/C++)

Sohag generator is one of the advanced Sohag Developer generators which  is used to generate a Qt UI interface and Qt/C++ code to interact with the database reducing developers efforts in creating the ui and Qt code to mainpulate data in the database table or view. Sohag generator uses Qt/C++ low level SQL API to execute queries this allows more flexibility for the developers.

This tutrial foloows the following steps to generate the Qt/C++ classes and forms (UI).

  1. Connect to the database, Press connect button and add the database credentials.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Set project name and location.
  4. select the table or view in the new class wizard.
  5. Select the required columns, You may check select all to select all columns.
  6. You can change the default class name or the base class (Default is QWidget but you also can use QDialog as base class).
  7. You also can set master detail relationship.
  8. Add another class by hitting New Class button.
  9. Save the new created project.
  10. Select Sohag from generator menu.
  11. To open the project location, From Project menu hit Open Project Location.
  12. To open the project in Qt creator, From Project menu hit Open Project In Qt.
  13. You can compile and run the project in Qt creator as normal.

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