This document demonstrates an overview about Sohag Builder. This overview include a brief description, installing process   and connecting to database.

Sohag Builder is an application to help developers to create database curd applications using the following technologies.

  • Q/C++.
  • PHP, HTML and Bootstrap.
  • Laravel Framwork.
  • PostgreSQL database.
  • MariaDB, MySQL.
  • SQLite databse.

Sohag Builder Query Tool is used to execute SQL code against the connected database.

  •  Multiple Query Tool can be opened simultaneously in separate tabs.
  •  Every Query Tool is isolated from each other (has it's own database session ).
  •  Query Tool supports autocomplete with SQL 2016 reserved words.
  •  Resizable SQL editor and results pane.
  •  You can execute many queries as you need once and queries results will be returned  in a summery tab in addition results of each select statement will be displayed separate tab.

Installing Sohag Builder.

1- Download Sohag Builder  from here (Binaries available for GNU/Linux and Windows platforms, Other platforms that are supported by Qt require compiling from the source code ).

2- Copy the file you have downloaded to any suitable location on your machine.

3- Extract Sohag Builder.


You may need some additional steps according to the DBMS server installation on your system. Like adding the path of lib directory to the path enviroment variable, Or install additianl software if you don't have DBMS  server installed at your machine (Client libraries).

This does not apply in case of using SQLite database.

Sohag Builder Tour.

1- Lunch Sohag Builder (On Gnu/Linux use sohag-builder.sh to avoid conflict with any other Qt libraries installed on your machine).

As you can see in the following picture Sohag Builder welcome screen, This screen contains links to recent projects or files and links to Sohag Developer website and social accounts, You are welcome to join Sohag Developer community to get more information about Sohag Builder, related software learning topics and to add your suggestion.

sohag builder welcome screen

2-Connect to database.

Hit connect button (first button in the toolbar), or use file menu to connect to database.


From the connection dialog choose the database type and add database name, user and password.

If you want to connect to SQLite database then choose SQLite as database type and browse to the database file path.


 Sohag Builder supports PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite databases.

Sohag Builder database connection dialog

The following picture demonstrates how to use SQL Tool to execute multiple queries at the same time.

Sohag Builder SQL tool queries


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