Build Powerful Robust Database Applications

Now Developing and Creating database forms is easier than before.
Sohag Developer will generate the required GUI Forms (Qt UI Files OR HTML Forms) and the PHP OR Qt/C++ class code which contains the SQL DML statmaents to manipulate data in a database table or view.

Sohag Developer will help postgresql, mariadb, mysql, sqlite, Qt/C++ and PHP  developers to reduce the time and efforts wasted in designing ui and writting code to interact with the database, Instead of hard coding Sohag Developer will generate the ui forms and code automatically just after some simple steps (using wizard no coding is required) to select the database table or view you want to generate the code and forms GUI for it.

Sohag Developer can be used to execute run SQL statements and generate SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements for specified table or view.  

Also Sohag developer is capable of generating all the required Qt project files for you and open the project in Qt creator or any other development tool used to develop Qt projects in your system.

Sohag Developer project aims to be standalone IDE to develop programs depending on PostgreSQL database,  Qt/C++ and PHP but Sohag Developer also has been extended to support MariaDB,MySql and SQLite databases.

Now Developing and Creating forms for PostgreSQL is an easy process.


Sohag Developer has the following features.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Powerfull and robust.
  • Fast and powerful performance.
  • Lightwight software.
  • Small footprint.
  • Clean code generated easy to read,understand and edit.
  • Sohag Developer has many generators.
  • Sohag Developer is extendable.